Memorial Day Weekend 2019

Memorial Day Weekend is always a special weekend. The combination of three days off of work and the unofficial start of summer tend to lead to lots of unforgettable moments. Avalon, NJ is where we spend a lot of our weekends and this weekend was no different. One of our friends had never been there before so we had an awesome time showing her around the island and hitting all of our favorite spots.

2019-0525 Reeds Beach Sunset (2 of 16)
It was cold and windy back at the house so we all walked out to the beach in hoodies expecting it to be the same or worse. We were wrong, Lauren was hyped.

2019-0525 Reeds Beach Sunset (1 of 16)
It ended up being one of the best beach days of the weekend. Good times were had and Sarah and Lauren’s sangria kept the spirits high.

2019-0525 Reeds Beach Sunset (3 of 16)
Later that day we decided to head out to Reeds Beach for sunset. It’s always a great place to watch the sun go down over the water and it’s usually not very crowded so it has become one of my favorite places to shoot photos.

2019-0525 Reeds Beach Sunset (8 of 16)

2019-0525 Reeds Beach Sunset (11 of 16)
Edge of the world. Or the Delaware Bay.

2019-0526 MDW Beach Day (1 of 5)
Hungover Sunday on the beach. Something something, save the date.

2019-0526 MDW Beach Day 2 (1 of 1)
Spent the rest of the day lazing on the beach and going out to dinner with everyone. Not too much photography and exploring the rest of the weekend but it was exactly what was needed. Most of Monday was spent fighting shore traffic trying to get home.

Back to reality until the next adventure.

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